Search Engine Optimization

BizLinks International. process contains detailed steps in which we achieve long term rankings on the search engines that are most important to you. The search engine Optimizing process is continuous changes as the industry and the Internet marketing. A continuous tracking of a website has to be done and plans have to be checked out accordingly to get effective results. BizLinks International. methods of Website optimize:

1. Study and analysis

 Study and analysis of the your website that includes planning the strategy we will followsearch engine to optimize your website, scheduling the steps required to develop the content of the site and re-planning the navigation areas of the site. Every website is a unique creation.

2. Websites Editing

The following areas shall be inspected: a. Code consistency. Basic errors in the code will affect how search engines will treat the site. b. Broken links. These may stop search engines to crawl/index the site further. c. Tags. Items like, are taken in to account by search engines and should be present. These should contain important keywords. Meta-tags. There should be present and contain important keywords following certain rules. e. Research most popular keywords. Often companies target keywords/phrases that are not the most frequently entered on the web. Finding out and targeting right keywords/phrases will increase number of visits. f. Keyword density. This is a fine art of search engine optimize. The right proportion of keywords on the page will influence rankings. This relates not only to body text, but also to all other invisible elements (tags, styles), even to images names, link names and URLs! g. Design features. It is important: how easy it is to find information on the website; how easy it is to navigate the website; how quick the site response is; how aesthetically appealing the website is. h. Dynamic content indexing. Search engines are not indexing dynamic pages well in certain conditions. If particular products/services featured on the website are accessed only via search facility or generated dynamically these should be considered to include onto site maps or the integrated doorway pages (static introductory pages) should be created for them. Analyze competition. Strong and weak point of the direct competition shall be analyzed in order either: To adopt the strong points; To capitalize on weak points, To improve the sites and make it better than competition; To make site different interesting, compare to competition.  Target audience The target audience / area / market segment to be defined. The site shall be evaluated if it appeals to the target audience.

3. Find the Right Keywords

Top Competitors Before you begin, find out where your website stands in comparison to your competitors. Once this is done find out the best keywords and phrases that can enhance your site. We will make the maximum effort to rank your site for all keywords chosen. A thorough research about your competitors is then done. This analysis is done by an expert who will go through their web pages thoroughly and prepare a report. The results are prepared after evaluating the competitors and how well they understand the industry. Understand and determine your competition. Almost always the success of your campaign is determined by the competitiveness of your market and keywords. Read More


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