• OsCommerce Installation services

    OsCommerce was born in 2000, an open source web application that lets you mount a virtual store in minutes to sell online. It consists of two parts mainly the front and the back-end, ie the part that we see around the world, the shop itself, and the administration, where you can maintain your own online store, product updating, inserting new offers , categories, languages, currencies, view orders, customers .. and at no cost by the seller and without any programming oscommerceknowledge. One of the benefits of open source is being updated daily by their community, adding contributions of all kinds. Payment Modules, Shipping, contributions to the design, such as templates, as well as new features, news, rss reader ...osCommerce is one of the best existing open source solutions for creating virtual stores, as well as being free and easy to administer. Programmed in PHP works on Apache server and uses MySQL as database server.

    Outsouce your Wordpress .platforms installations to BizLinks International for efficience and quick delivery as you might known already "Time" is very important in business activities while we handle the back-end you can concentrate on the rich content that you want to appear on the front-end,


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